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Yvonne Johnson Collection


The collection was compiled by Yvonne Johnson (née Devuyst) of Langley, BC.

Yvonne began playing ringette in Aldergrove with the Langley Municipality Ringette league in January of 1974 —British Columbia's inaugural ringette season. Since 1974, Yvonne has not missed registering for a single year of ringette and is still playing ringette today, 50 years later. This makes Yvonne arguably the longest consecutive playing ringette athlete in the world.

Yvonne played primarily a goaltender until 1980, before switching to defence and playing goal from time to time. When the Langley Municipal Ringette league split into the Langley Ringette Association and the Aldergrove Ringette Association (1975), Yvonne played with the Langley Ringette Association. She then played for Fraser Valley Ringette when when the Langley and Aldergrove Ringette Associations amalgamated in 1995.

In 1982, Yvonne was selected to represent BC at the Canadian Ringette Nationals in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She would go on to represent BC at five national championships.

Yvonne served as a head instructor for many ringette schools and camps throughout BC for more than 15 years, including Camp Cheekeye, the first overnight ringette camp held in the province, and the long running Osoyoos Ringette School.

Yvonne participated in an exchange program with a synchronized swim team from Hull, Québec that saw a large group of ringette players from BC visit and billed with a group of swim team members from Hull, and vice-versa.

Other activities on a national level that Yvonne was a part of include assisting with two Ringette Canada publications while representing BC on the Ringette Canada Sport Development and the Safety and Equipment Committee over two years.

In 1984, Yvonne began her coaching career when she was 18 and took a team to Fraser Lake for a friendship tournament. In 1990, she assisted with the Lower Mainland Jr. All-Star (AA) team and she continued to coach through the years, including her grandchildren.

As an administrator, Yvonne was a board member of the Langley Ringette Association, the Fraser Valley Ringette Association, the BC Ringette Association, and the Chilliwack Ringette Association, serving many roles on the executive.

Today, Yvonne plays for the Chilliwack Ringette Association and continues to volunteer with the Michelle Vandale Memorial Spirit of Winter Tournament Committee where she also chairs the tournament's scholarship committee. And, is currently serving as the Membership Coordinator for the West Coast Ringette Historical Society.

Yvonne was inducted into the Ringette BC Hall of Fame in the builder category in 2023.


Yvonne Johnson


Copy images and files were donated to the WCRHS by Yvonne Johnson.







Collection Items

Langley Ringette Team Photograph Linders Well Drilling
Group portrait of sixteen young ringette players from the Linders Well Drilling team posing for their team photo during the inaugural year of ringette, 1973-74 season. The players are wearing white and green jerseys with the Linders Well Drilling…

Langley Ringette Ray and Bob's Farm Girls Team 1974-1975
Group portrait of nine ringette players and one coach from the "Ray and Bob's Farm Girls" team. The team is wearing orange and black jersey's, skates and gloves, and are posing on the ice surface in front of a chain linked fence. The goalie is…

Langley Form Rentals Ringette Team Portrait
Group portrait of the Langley Form Rentals ringette team during the 1975-1976 season. The photo consists of twelve players around the age of 12-14 posing for their team photo. They are wearing white jerseys with a crest that reads "Langley Form…

Portrait of Goaltender Yvonne Devuyst of Ray and Bob's Farm Girls
Portrait of Yvonne Devuyst wearing an orange and black jersey with a white crest reading "Ray and Bob's Farm Girls". Yvonne is wearing goalie pads and gloves, and is holding a goalie stick taped with hockey tape and electrical tape. The words…

Portrait of Goaltender Yvonne Devuyst of the Langley Form Rentals
Portrait of goaltender Yvonne Devuyst wearing a white jersey with a crest reading "Langley Form Rentals," gloves, and goalie pads. She is holding a Sherwood goalie stick and standing on the ice surface in front of a net with red webbing. There is a…

Langley Ringette Mixed Team Photograph
Group photograph showing 17 players and two coaches from the Langley Form Rentals and the Ray & Bob's Farm Girls ringette teams. The team appears to be a mix of ages.

The sign reads :Langley Ringettes Langley Form Rentals 1976-1977."


Portrait of Goaltender Yvonne Devuyst of Langley Form Rentals 1976
Portrait of Yvonne Johnson, goaltender for the Langley Form Rentals ringette team in the 1976-77 ringette season.

Yvonne is wearing a white jersey with "Langley Form Rentals", player gloves, and a Cooper goalie pads.

Portrait of Goaltender Yvonne Devuyst of the Langley Sportsman Team
Portrait of a young Yvonne Devuyst dressed as a goaltender wearing the uniform of the Langley Sportsman ringette team. The uniform consists of a blue zippered jacket with white stripes and matching pants.

Vyonne is wearing brown goalie pads and…

Langley Sportsman Ringette Team Portrait 1977-78
Group portrait of the Langley Sportsman tween division ringette team during the 1977-1978 season. The team is wearing matching blue, zippered jackets with two white stripes down the arms, and matching blue pants. The team's crest is on the front of…

Portrait of Yvonne Devuyst for the Big O Tire Ringette Team
Portait of Yvonne Devuyst of the Big 'O Tire 1981-82 ringette team, Langley. Yvonne is wearing her team uniform, which is a red, white, and black zippered track suit. Yvonne is wearing skates, gloves, and holding a hockey stick with the blade cut…
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