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Johnson - 014.jpg
Group portrait of the Langley Kiwanis ringette team during the 1978-1979 ringette season of the Langley Ringette Association.

The team is wearing matching black uniforms consisting of a black, white and yellow zippered track suit with a yellow…

Johnson - 013.jpg
Newspaper clipping, possibly from the Langley Advance or Aldergrove Star, reading "Skates traded for skirts at banquet."

The article is about the Langley Ringette Association's 1981-82 annual awards banquet at the Langley Civic Centre where more…

Johnson - 012.jpg
Newspaper clipping from an unknown newspaper reading: "Nothing but the best satisfies travelling Belles."

The article is about the Big-O Belles Langley Ringette team's trip to the North Winnipeg Ringette tournament during the Valentine's Day…

Johnson - 011.jpg
Group photograph showing the players and coaches of the Big-O Tires belle division team for the 1981-82 ringette season of the Langley Ringette Association.

Some of the players have been identified:

Back row (L-R): Carol Meek, Debbie…

Johnson - 010.jpg
Portait of Yvonne Devuyst of the Big 'O Tire 1981-82 ringette team, Langley. Yvonne is wearing her team uniform, which is a red, white, and black zippered track suit. Yvonne is wearing skates, gloves, and holding a hockey stick with the blade cut…

Johnson - 009.jpg
Group portrait of the Langley Sportsman tween division ringette team during the 1977-1978 season. The team is wearing matching blue, zippered jackets with two white stripes down the arms, and matching blue pants. The team's crest is on the front of…

Johnson - 008.jpg
Portrait of a young Yvonne Devuyst dressed as a goaltender wearing the uniform of the Langley Sportsman ringette team. The uniform consists of a blue zippered jacket with white stripes and matching pants.

Vyonne is wearing brown goalie pads and…


Johnson - 007.jpg
Portrait of Yvonne Johnson, goaltender for the Langley Form Rentals ringette team in the 1976-77 ringette season.

Yvonne is wearing a white jersey with "Langley Form Rentals", player gloves, and a Cooper goalie pads.

Johnson - 006.jpg
Group photograph showing 17 players and two coaches from the Langley Form Rentals and the Ray & Bob's Farm Girls ringette teams. The team appears to be a mix of ages.

The sign reads :Langley Ringettes Langley Form Rentals 1976-1977."


Johnson - 005.jpg
Portrait of goaltender Yvonne Devuyst wearing a white jersey with a crest reading "Langley Form Rentals," gloves, and goalie pads. She is holding a Sherwood goalie stick and standing on the ice surface in front of a net with red webbing. There is a…
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