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Keith Sullivan collection


This collection was compiled by Keith Sullivan.

Keith Sullivan began his involvement with ringette in Prince George in 1983 when his daughter began playing. Over the years, Keith has been an executive board member, a coach, a manager, an official, a fundraiser, and a driving force behind ringette in northern BC.

In 1996, Keith was recognized with a City of Prince George Recreation Award of Merit.



Collection Items

Pamphlet: Some Interesting Facts about Ringette Canada
8 page pamphlet produced at the 20 year mark of Ringette Canada, which explains the history and game of ringette, the members, the administration of the national sport organization, list of national champions from 1979-1983, and the board members of…

Souvenir Program BC Provincial B Championship Prince George 2003
Souvenir program from the BC Provincial Championships held in Prince George in 2003.

Canadian Ringette Championships Program 2000
Printed souvenir program from the Canadian Ringette Championships held in Prince George from April 3 to 8th, 2000.

The event was sponsored by Tim Hortons and took place at the Multiplex and Kin Centres in Prince George.

Ringette British Columbia Information Pamphlet
Pamphlet published by Ringette BC containing information about ringette. The cover shows the Ringette BC logo at the time, which was a map of the province with a ringette player overtop. The front page reads "A Dynamic Team Sport."

The pamphlet…

Group portrait of the Prince George Ringette Association Junior Belle Team
Black and white group photograph showing 15 players and two coaches from the Prince George Ringette Association's junior belle team.

The players are wearing matching jerseys and are wearing skates, gloves and matching pants. There are two…

Prince George Ringette Jr. Belle Ribbon 1983-84
White ribbon with dark red writing that reads: "Prince George Ringette / Jr. Belle / 1983-1984 / Shoppers."

Prince George Ringette Belle Ribbon 1983-84
Green ribbon with gold print that reads: "Prince George Ringette / Belle / 1983-84 / Eagles."

It is unknown what the ribbon was for.

Photograph of Prince George Ringette Game Play
Black and white photograph showing on-ice game play between two unknown teams, possibly taking place in Prince George.

One player wearing a jersey with number 13, has a name bar reading "Latimer." Players are abiding by old rules ringette using…

Photograph of Ringette Athletes Lined up on the Ice
Black and white photograph showing a number of ringette athletes standing along the blue line on the ice of an arena, probably in Prince George.

The players are from various teams, some are wearing skates and some are wearing their shoes and team…

Ringette Players on the Ice in Game Play
Black and white photograph showing game play on the ice. The game is likely taking place in Prince George.
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